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The ICC’s Expedited Procedure- How can Latin America Benefit?

The ICC’s Expedited Procedure found under Article 30 and Appendix VI of the ICC Rules of Arbitration generally applies to arbitration agreements concluded after March 1, 2017; where the amount in dispute does not exceed US $ 2 million; and where the parties have not formally opted-out. However, parties are also allowed to opt-in, regardless … Continue Reading

The ICC’s New Brazil Office and The Success of the ICC Miami Conference: A Sign of Things to Come for ICC Arbitration in Latin America?

There is no doubt that Latin America has generally seen a rise in the use of arbitration in the last decade. Continuing with that trend, in 2016 the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) reported that Latin America saw a 15% rise in the number of parties participating in ICC Arbitration,[1] with Brazil and Mexico both … Continue Reading