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How the U.S. Presidential Election Outcome Could Affect Latin America

As US citizens go to the polls, Latin American governments, businesses and citizens should examine how a re-elected President Trump or a newly elected Vice- President Biden may shape Western Hemisphere relations. The results of this election will certainly affect Latin America, as each candidate views the region through fundamentally different lenses.  President Trump has … Continue Reading

President Trump Shifts the U.S. Policy Towards Cuba

Squire Patton Boggs previously reported on the growing fear that the Trump Administration would roll back President Barack Obama’s plan to normalize relations with Cuba. Then-candidate Donald Trump was calling President Obama’s deals with Cuba “one-sided” and beneficial “only [to] the Castro regime.” Last week Friday, at an event at the Manuel Artime Theater in … Continue Reading

Investing in Cuba: what next?

Since Cuba and the United States agreed to reestablish relations in December 2014, foreign investors have navigated an uncertain path in the Caribbean island. The Cuban Government has been implementing a new legal framework to lure foreign investors by enacting a new foreign investment law and establishing the Special Economic Development Zone of Mariel (free … Continue Reading