As the Dominican Republic established itself as Latin America’s fastest-growing economy in recent times, it became paramount to design, draft, reach a consensus and pass a public-private partnership law. In that sense, the latest legal framework proposal for the governance of public-private partnerships—which was passed into law by the Dominican Republic’s executive branch on February 20th, 2020,(hereinafter, the “Law”), is a landmark legislative achievement whose objective is to rule the provision, management and operation of public goods, infrastructure and services by means of a public-private partnership mechanism. This article gives the reader a brief overview of the following topics: (i) the definition and scope of the “public-private partnership” concept; (ii) types of public-private partnerships and procedures for its implementation; and, (iii) other relevant information, including recent developments regarding the Government’s interest to develop public-private partnerships to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Available here.