On January 21, Brazil’s Ministry of Economy, Paulo Guedes, announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos that Brazil will adhere to the plurilateral Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA). The GPA regulates the procurement of goods and services by the public authorities of the parties to the agreement, based on the principles of openness, transparency, and non-discrimination between national and foreign companies. The plurilateral agreement is an important mechanism for the international trading system and its membership has gradually broadened. Currently, 48 countries, including the US, Canada, Japan and China, are parties to the GPA.

By ratifying the GPA, the Brazilian government expects to increase foreign investments in the country by attracting foreign companies to public tenders. In addition, according to Mr. Guedes, the acceptance of the market access commitments set forth in the GPA aligns the Brazilian government’s purpose of improving the strategies and policies aimed at combating corruption in the Public Administration.

The date has not yet been confirmed of Brazil’s ratification of the GPA.