Argentina Financial CrisisDuring a recent visit to Washington, DC, Argentina’s Minister of Production and Labor, Miguel Braun, stated that Argentina’s government continues to strengthen its economy by focusing on increasing foreign direct investment to the country.

Minister Braun also stated that, while preparing for presidential elections in October 2019, President Mauricio Macri will continue to implement economic and fiscal reforms and work on simplifying institutional bureaucracy in order to improve the business environment in Argentina.  For example, Macri’s administration is reforming ministries, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs, in order to streamline processes and create a more competitive market that further facilitates exports. A new digital trade system is expected to expedite exports in various sectors and make foreign investment easier.

Minister Braun further reinforced that President Macri is committed to strengthening economic growth, tightening fiscal policies and developing national infrastructure. In an effort to restore investor confidence and boost Argentina’s economy, President Macri agreed on a lending package from the International Monetary Fund for $57 billion. Argentina has already received $15 billion and will have access to another $35 billion by the end of 2019.